The Vedas, the Upanishads, the ancient texts and beautiful shlokas (hymns), chants, mantras and yoga are all revealed in Sanskrit Language.

It used to be a purely oral language. Only after many years were the teaching, practices and mantras written down on palm leaves.

Today we have a vast literature available to us where we can revel in the priceless teaching and the heart opening, healing mantras provided by the Vedas.

Many of these texts and mantras have been translated into English and other languages, yet there is a special hidden beauty and grace that opens up when one dares to expose oneself to this knowledge in the original ancient language of Sanskrit.

One may feel vulnerable, even naked, yet the reward is so profound, and it will benefit our spiritual journey in every way.

Sanskrit Classes: (Online, 1 on 1, Group Classes)
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Basic Grammar
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