Yoga Knowledge Teacher Training Malmö Yoga Kendra Sweden

Yoga Knowledge Teacher Training Yoga Kendra, Malmö Jul 30 to Aug 8, 2018 What is special about this Yoga Knowledge training? 👌There are many Yoga teacher trainings that have its focus mainly on Asanas (postures). As one evolves one sees that the Asanas are one part of the whole Yoga Tradition. You enter and you … Continue reading Yoga Knowledge Teacher Training Malmö Yoga Kendra Sweden

Shree Ganapatyatharvashirshopanishad

  Listen to this wonderful Ganapati Mantra “...Hindu worship is truly democratic in spirit. One can choose the form of the Lord suitable to one’s own disposition from among the forms presented by the Vedic sages. One of the most important and popular of these forms is Ganapati. The Lord is called Siva, the auspicious, … Continue reading Shree Ganapatyatharvashirshopanishad

Devotional Singing and Chanting

An afternoon under the banyan tree Cosma and I came together to share voice, word and heart. One can listen letting the healing vibrations penetrate and the sacred mantras bestow their blessings upon ones being. With love & gratitude Cosma and Sharada (The first recording, to be refined 🙂