Sanskrit Classes Online

Sanskrit classes online: These classes will be open for anyone who’s interested, but will be extra good to join for those of you who are planning to come to the 3 month course with Radha next autumn. Tuesdays 6pm (Swedish time) starting 23rd Aug (30th Aug no class): Sanna teaches the sanskrit alphabet – learning … Continue reading Sanskrit Classes Online

Devi Circle Mangalam, Dagsas 17 july 2016

  Devi circle the 17 th july at 15-18.00 Om Namaste dear Devis, we invite you to join a Devi Circle at Mangalam. This is a sacred gathering of women where we gift each other with our presence: invoking love, healing, nourishment, support, acceptance and guidance for this journey that we call life. A profound … Continue reading Devi Circle Mangalam, Dagsas 17 july 2016

Vedanta Weekend Gothenburg Aug 2016

Namaste! Now the plans have been made for the vedanta weekend with Sharada & Sanna. We will be in Mölnlycke, 15 min on the bus from Korsvägen, Göteborg. You're welcome to participate one or both days. We meet in the morning at 10am, spend the day in meaningful topics, eat lunch together and then finish … Continue reading Vedanta Weekend Gothenburg Aug 2016

Shree Ganapatyatharvashirshopanishad

  Listen to this wonderful Ganapati Mantra “...Hindu worship is truly democratic in spirit. One can choose the form of the Lord suitable to one’s own disposition from among the forms presented by the Vedic sages. One of the most important and popular of these forms is Ganapati. The Lord is called Siva, the auspicious, … Continue reading Shree Ganapatyatharvashirshopanishad

Upcoming Gatherings and Classes Summer 2016

A few places where we can meet and dive into the profound Wisdom of the Vedas With love Sharada May/June/July/August/September 2016 -  Sweden/Switzerland/Greece (more to come) 3rd to 5th of June - Juholm at Annika's place - Sacred intimate gatherings 12th of June - Varberg at Lotta's place - Devi Circles 13th to 15th of … Continue reading Upcoming Gatherings and Classes Summer 2016