20 Hrs Advanced Yoga Knowledge Teacher Training Yoga Shastra, Vedanta, Sanskrit, Meditation, Vedic Chanting, Sanskrit and Puja (please note: no Asana Yoga practice in this course)

5 days 4 Hours full commitment (also adjustable) This curriculum is also taught during different Yoga Teacher Trainings that Sharada has been invited to come and teach the required 20 to 30 hours of Yoga Philosophy according to Yoga Alliance.

This course is designed for those who are interested in deepening their understanding of yoga and would like to learn more about Sanskrit Language, Vedic Chanting (Mantras), Meditation and Puja.


4 H Yoga Shastra – Science of Yoga

Value of Value

Dasha Mahaa Vratam – the 10-life time vows – the most highly revered essential lifetime vows – spiritual commitments of all serious Yogis

Sadhaka – Sadhana – Sadhya

– Karma Yoga, Upasana Yoga, Jnana Yoga

5 daily offerings for universal harmony

4 H Vedanta – Moksha Shastra – Self Knowledge

Spirituality, understanding what it means and why it is important

Purusharta – 4 Humans Goals

Moksha – the defectless Goal

Fundamental Problem

Pramanam – means of knowledge

Intro Vedanta, a teaching tradition

Satsang – Questions and Answers

2 H Meditation

Introduction to Ishvara


4 H Puja

Ceremony and ritual

Offering, Introduction to deities

Ritualizing ones life

Participation in the Mystery

Back to the magical child

Sacred beauty

2 H Sanskrit

The language of the Gods

A sacred language – word and meaning

Sound – correct Pronunciation

Learning the Alphabet

Basic Structure of the Language

4H Chanting – Vedic Chanting

Teacher Student Prayer

Sun Salutation Mantras

Ganapati and Sarasvati Mantra

Universal Wellbeing mantra