Devi Circles are Women’s Circles.  A sacred gathering of women where we come together to support each other on this journey of life.

There are times when we do not have many resources or we find ourselves helpless. We seek help in society, our partner, our family and sometimes, through means that are not so healthy. Yet we need support, nourishment, and the steady presence of an open heart. When these other sources of comfort and understanding are not available,  where can we find the support we need?

From time immemorial, women have come together to pray, to worship, to heal and support each other and their communities, which extends to all living beings.VEDANTA SWEDEN SHARADA

For many women I have met, coming together in a women’s circle is something unknown, scary, challenging, and even at the thought of it they feel to reject it or laugh at it.

Why is it so scary? It’s just a bunch of women. Have we asked this question?

We have felt betrayed. Perhaps we, ourselves have betrayed.  And so we have lost trust. With this, jealousy and competition have become the unsteady foundation upon which we relate . It is not a comfortable and safe space in which to open our hearts.

Yet all we long for is to be real with each other and ourselves. To nurture and be nurtured. To love and be loved.

A Devi Circle is something magical.  Magic happens. I have seen it many times. It touches something deep within.  It touches our core being, our essence that is love.  That is true nourishment. That is healing itself.

If you would like to participate or host a circle, see Upcoming Events or contact me.

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