During a Vedanta Retreat we spend time in the teachings of Vedanta, being guided through Meditation, introduced to Vedic Chanting and participate in Puja, which is a beautiful ceremony with offerings.VEDANTA SWEDEN SHARADA

For those who are new to Vedanta, a retreat is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced step by step into a tradition that has been passed on from teacher to disciple. For those who already have been exposed to the teaching, it will be a nice time to deepen and assimilate their understanding of Vedanta. As it is a lifetime contemplation on the nature of I, that is essentially free from all limitations, one can always gain more clarity.

A mirror in words that says that I am everything I want to be already, that I am complete, full and whole, always was, always will be.

This a vision that is dear, attractive and desired by all people at all time and at all places. Therefore it is a timeless teaching.

Sharada teaches with all heart and her love, patience, compassion and clarity help one to see what Vedanta is saying in a seemingly effortless way.

Yearly Vedanta Weekend Retreat Sweden Villa Soderasen. 

Vedanta Retreat Sweden Villa Soderasen

Join us for our yearly Rostanga Vedanta Weekend.

Welcome to join us for a weekend where we will be guided lovingly into the heart of Vedanta in a beautiful forest setting by the national park ”Söderåsen” in south Sweden.
Sharada Devi will give classes and satsangs and guide us in meditation, puja, vedic -chanting and -ceremonies. If the weather allows, there will be morning yoga classes outdoor with asana & pranayama, getting physically ready for a full day of dedicated studying. And whatever weather, we will be nourished by the magical nature surrounding us and the togetherness we create. We will all help out with sevas (practical duties).

How the Schedule looks like:


FRIDAY – Half day schedule
Early arrival: walk in the national park, cool swim in Odensjön lake near by, contemplation in the garden…
13.00: Lunch for you who come earlier (please tell us beforehand if you’ll join)
13-15.00: Check in
15.00 Start/Welcome ceremony
Schedule flow for classes, talks, satsang, ceremonies, lunch and dinner etc will be announced at the welcome ceremony.
SATURDAY – Full day schedule with Yoga, Puja, Guided Meditation, 2 Vedanta Classes & Satsang evening (kirtan, question and answers etc)
SUNDAY – half day schedule


Åsa: yoga@villasoderasen.com

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Weeklong Vedanta Retreat with Sharada & Swami Vagishananda Saraswati (tbc)

“Discover the sanctuary of your being”

A deeply nourishing and insightful retreat for all sincere spiritual seekers.

In this unique retreat, we will dive deeply into the priceless jewels of the Vedic Teachings; the origin of Yoga and Spirituality.

Sharada Devi long time student of Swami Vagishananda Saraswati, Vedanta teacher, Sannyasi and chanting master in the lineage of Swami Dayananda Saraswati since 40 years has put together a balanced Meditation & Vedanta program that includes Puja (Vedic Ritual) & Yoga where one can learn how to find contentment and satisfaction in one’s heart & life.

All beings seek happiness and security; how can we achieve those goals, be a successful integrated person and discover permanent contentment? These will be topics that are going to be covered during the retreat.

Many tools for integration of the body, mind & intellect will be taught. Sacred disciplines that one can adapt into ones life and will give the person nobility, expansion and a very good self esteem.

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