During a Vedanta Camp we spend time in the teachings of Vedanta, being guided through Meditation, introduced to Vedic Chanting and participate in Puja, which is a beautiful ceremony with offerings.VEDANTA SWEDEN SHARADA

For those who are new to Vedanta, a camp or retreat is a wonderful opportunity to be introduced step by step into a tradition that has been passed on from teacher to disciple. For those who already have been exposed to the teaching, it will be a nice time to deepen and assimilate their understanding of Vedanta. As it is a lifetime contemplation on the nature of I, that is essentially free from all limitations, one can always gain more clarity.

A mirror in words that says that I am everything I want to be already, that I am complete, full and whole, always was, always will be.

This a vision that is dear, attractive and desired by all people at all time and at all places. Therefore it is a timeless teaching.

Sharada teaches with all heart and her love, patience, compassion and clarity help one to see what Vedanta is saying in a seemingly effortless way.

Vedanta Sharada SwedenJoin us for camps and retreats with same-hearted people, who have a deep value for spirituality, integrity, devotion and truth.

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