In Sanskrit, a sacred journey is called a yatra – a pilgrimage.

Life is a pilgrimage, seeking happiness, meaning and fulfillment. We have traveled far and long for it. Lifetimes upon lifetimes.

sacred journey bali vaidika

Sometimes we go inward, sometimes we go outward. Maybe we join those two journeys together.

We visited India last year to learn and absorb the spiritual heritage that exists there. We stayed at my teacher’s ashram, learning about Vedanta, the Vedic culture and tradition. We had the opportunity to sit in satsang with revered teachers and devoted students.

It was a profound inner and outward journey.

It was a privilege to take a group of people and guide them.

In Bali, the island of Gods, we have the opportunity to visit temples, rivers and join a community that has a value of spirituality, for sacred symbiosis between all beings. It is a blessing to live here and share the magic of Bali with other people.

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Sacred Journey India Vaidika