There are moVaidika Eventsments in life that we like to celebrate or commemorate, where family, friends and dear ones come together to share and express gratitude, be it the birth of a child, an anniversary, birthday, marriage, graduation or the loss of a loved one.

How do we choose to spend that day?  There are many ways.  One meaningful way is through prayerful ceremony with offerings like mantras, food, music, dance and more.


It is a way to sanctify and spiritualize those moments that together make our life, creating impressions and memories that we like to look back upon. Making the effort to create a beautiful space, be it inside or outside, as a way of expressing our love and gratitude for all that is, is a mature way of living.

Life is an offering, it is a wonder.

Puja is a magical way to participate in it, just like a child does.

If you would like to host a puja or sacred ceremony for a specific occasion, we can plan a remarkable day, honoring the sentiments and the spiritual heart of the people you wish to share with.