We would like to invite you, to spend a weekend with us on an island in Mälaren. A weekend to nourish ourselves with guided meditation, Vedanta, nature & yoga. We will learn the significance of a value and look into the vision of Vedanta.

We start our mornings with Puja, a beautiful ceremony.
Through the puja, we express our gratitude and invoke help, guidance and blessings for the journey of life through prayers, mantras and offerings.

After breakfast Sharada will lead us through a guided meditation.
In meditation, we find harmony with what is. We find a place of spaciousness, accommodation and objectivity. We discover that, that place is myself, that there is always a place where I can rest and find solace and strength to face the many challenges in life.

In the afternoons we will have class in Vedanta and we will learn about the values, how they can help us in our everyday lives.

All food will be nicely prepared vegetarian food.
If you have any allergy please tell us in advance.

Schedule (Times are approximate) :

Friday 8th – Afternoon
(Early arrival sauna, swimming & relax )
18.00 – Yoga & Welcome ceremony
19.30 – Dinner

Saturday 9th – Full day
7.30 – Puja & Yoga
9.00 – Breakfast
10.00 – Guided meditation
12.00 – Class – The value of a value Part 1
13.00 – Lunch
14.30 – Class – The value of a value Part 2
Afternoon tea
Time for contemplation, nature walk, swimming & sauna (optional devi circle)
19.30 – Dinner
Satsang, Chanting & Singing

Sunday 10th – Half day
7.30 – Puja & Yoga
9.00 – Breakfast
10.00 – Guided meditation
12.00 – Class – The vision of Vedanta
-How can Vedanta serve and help me in my life?
13.00 – Lunch

Now the retreat is over and Lena will drive you back by boat 🙂
– – –

Sharada has been dedicated to a life of yoga including the wisdom of Ayurveda for the past decade.
She studied Odissi Indian classical dance and learned about the different archetypes of Hindu mythology, their meanings and stories.
Seven years ago she met her revered teacher, Shree Swami Vagishananda Saraswati with whom she has lived and studied the teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Vedic mantra chanting, puja and Sanskrit language.
He introduced her to Shree Radhaji, who today is also her teacher. She has shared all the jewels of Vedanta and guided her personally in psychology, inner child work and meditation.
In Bali where she lives, Underthebanyantree, Sharada has ongoing classes and teaches on occasion at yoga teacher trainings and other retreats. She also leads pujas and ceremonies for special events and takes people to holy places in Bali.

In the summer, she visits Europe to share Vedanta, chanting, Sanskrit, puja, meditation and devi circles, and facilitates sacred journeys to India.

And now we have the opportunity to have her here in Stockholm!

– – –

If you want to come earlier on Friday or stay a bit longer on Sunday thats perfectly fine. In the garden we have a wood fire sauna, and it’s a beautiful place to swim and take walks.
This you will also have time for in the afternoon on Saturday.

When everyone has arrived on Friday we will have a welcoming cermony and go trough the weekend with you.

What to bring?
Swim suit, Towel, Bed sheets, Comfortable clothing. Instruments!
If you are camping : Sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. (Tent)

We will share the space with two cats, so for those who are allergic, keep that in mind!

1700 SEK
Pay to Nadja, Swedbank 8388-1, 4048121-0
Write your full name

How to come there?
With ferry from Klara Mälarstrand 15.20 or 17.20, destination Kungshättan, then a small walk of five min.
Lena will do one arranged boat-pickup at Sätra varv (T: Bredäng) during the evening for those who cannot take the ferry. Please contact Lena at brevtillena@hotmail.com or 070 351 3962 if you need a pick up.

How to register?
Email: Vaidikateachings@gmail.com

How to sleep?
There are beds in the house and gazebo for 7 persons. Matresses indoors or tents for everyone else. (We have tents for four persons. You can also bring your own.)
Those who sign up first will get beds, if you don’t prefer tent of course!

When ?
Fredag 8/9 kl 15.20 alt 17.20 (Timetable may change)

Meet up: Klara Mälarstrand (destination Kungshättan).
Retreat will be at Kungshatt in Mälaren

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And for more information about what we do visit https://Vaidika.org/

With Love
Sharada, Lena & Nadja