Röstånga Friday – October 1st to 3rd (maybe 5th) 2021

We are happy to inform you that Sharada Devi will unfold the Vedanta teachings for us who feels inspired and are devoted – such a warm blessing! We will gather in Röstånga and stay imbedded by the magical nature of the National park ”Söderåsens nationalpark” in Skåne, south of Sweden.

Welcome to join us for a long weekend where we will be guided lovingly into the heart of Vedanta. Sharada will give classes/talks, satsangs and guide us in meditation, puja and vedic chanting and ceremonies. If the weather allows, Kasza will offer morning yoga classes outdoor. She guides gentle asana and pranayama practice, waking up the body and breath – getting physically ready for a full day of dedicated studying. And whatever weather, we will be nourished by the magical nature surrounding us and the togetherness we create. To keep the cost down, we’ll all help out with sevas (practical duties).

This is a special and rare opportunity to spend time in the teachings of Vedanta, being guided through Meditation, introduced to Vedic Chanting and participate in Puja, which is a beautiful ceremony with offerings.

Sharada has been devoted to study this sacred knowledge that frees our hearts from suffering and she has learned the practices that help one to grow and overcome obstacles in life.

For those who are new to Vedanta, this will be a wonderful opportunity to be introduced step by step into a tradition that has been passed on from teacher to disciple. For those who already have been exposed to the teaching, it will be a nice time to deepen and assimilate their understanding of Vedanta. As it is a lifetime contemplation on the nature of I, that is essentially free from all limitations, one can always gain more clarity.
A mirror in words that says that I am everything I want to be already, that I am complete, full and whole, always was, always will be.
This a vision that is dear, attractive and desired by all people at all time and at all places. Therefore it is a timeless teaching.

Her revered teachers Swami Dayananda, Swami Vagishananda and Shree Radhaji have blessed Sharada to pass on Vedanta and all the beautiful devotional practices. She teaches with all heart and her love, patience, compassion and clarity help one to see what Vedanta is saying in a seemingly effortless way.

Join us for this long weekend with same-hearted people, who have a deep value for spirituality, integrity, devotion and truth.

For more information regarding the teaching, practices and Sharada visit


Kasza, Shmuel and Åsa from the Malmö sanga are grateful and happy to arrange this retreat for Sharada to teach, and for us all to come together in the opportunity to dive deeper in the teachings of Vedanta in retreat mode.

To keep the costs down for all of us, we’ll together do the everyday sacred duties and you might get a couple of cooking, washing up, cleaning or tea station duties during the weekend. Shmuel,  a wizard in the kitchen with lots of chef experience, will set the menu and guide the cooking seva. Kasza and Åsa will guide other sevas and the three of us will take care of all the practicalities before, at and after the retreat.

Base is organic, vegan, gluten free. All vegetarian.

HOST: Villa Söderåsen, Åsa Mullaert
Villa Söderåsen will warmly take care of us.
We will all live together in shared rooms, two – max six people/room. Talks, satsangs, meditations etc. will be at Villa Söderåsen – if cold by the fire place indoors, if warm weather in the nature outside. Please read more about Villa Söderåsen, Röstånga and the Nationalpark here:

More practical info will come after signing up.

Accommodation and food: tba
Dakshina for Sharada: minimum tba

Early bird when applying and paying before May 30th./ SamaYoga teachers price:
Accommodation and food: tba
Dakshina for Sharada: minimum tba


SCHEDULE, (times are approximate) :

Friday – Half day
Early arrival: walk in the nationalpark, swim in Odensjön lake near by, contemplation in the garden or by the fire…
12.00: Lunch for you who come earlier (please tell us beforehand if you’ll join)
13-13.45: Check in
14.00 START:
Welcome ceremony – setting an intention for the weekend & some practical info
Tea break
15.30: Introduction class
The vision of Vedanta
How can Vedanta serve and help me in my life?
19.00: Dinner
Satsang, Chanting & Singing

Saturday, full day
7.00-8.00: Outdoor yoga for those who want (if the weather allows), with Kasza Devi
8.00: Puja ceremony
9.00: Breakfast
10.00: Class on Meditation, the unconscious and the mind
Tea break
11.30: Guided Meditation
13.00: Lunch
14:30: Vedanta class part 1 – Adhikaritvam – fitness and required qualifications
Tea break
Time for contemplation, nature walk, swimming
17.30: Optional devi/sharing circle
19:00 Dinner
Fire ceremony outside

Sunday – Half day
7.00-8.00: Outdoor yoga for those who want (if the weather allows), with Kasza Devi
8.00 – Puja
9.00 – Breakfast
10.00 – Guided meditation
Tea break
11.15 Vedanta class part 2  – Adhikaritvam – fitness and required qualifications
13.00 – Lunch & Check-out
You are welcome to stay longer for contemplation, nature walk, swimming etc. Contact Åsa:

Villa Söderåsen│Yoga

Åsa Mullaert

We would again like to thank you for an unforgettable weekend with so much openness, kindness and love. You will forever be part of our journey. A special thank you to Sharada for being a true inspiration, Åsa for inviting us to her home and Shmuel for wonderful food. Peter Hesslin