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Puja is a Vedic ritual.  It is a prayer with offerings.

In a Puja we sit in front of an altar. It can be an established altar where we deliberately and consciously superimpose the universal power onto an object of our preference. It can also be somewhere in nature, near the ocean, in the woods or on top of a mountain where we use the elements as our object of worship.

In a Puja, I, the individual, relates to the total, the whole. The whole represents all knowledge, all power, all pervasiveness. It is the giver of all fruits of action, the cause of the whole universe. In other words, it is the infallible order.


We look upon the whole universe, known and unknown, as a conscious being, that manifests as forms and names, all of which is considered to be sacred and is not to be taken for granted.

Through the puja, we express our gratitude and invoke help, guidance and blessings for the journey of life through prayers, mantras and offerings.

It is a way to sanctify and spiritualise ones life, either through daily puja and/or occasional puja for birth, birthdays, marriage, initiation into adulthood,  and death. Most anything can be celebrated and acknowledged through a puja ceremony.  

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Guru Pada Puja Radha Dayananda Swamiji