We seek harmony, peSacred journey Baliace and well being. When we are in nature, we experience that satisfaction. When we look at the sun, at the sky, see the clouds, the birds, the mountains, the trees and animals we are accepting, at least in general.

Yet when we meet and relate to people — mother, father, partner, sister and brother, employer — we find ourselves struggling, wanting them to behave in a certain manner.

We find ourselves wanting to change people, wanting to change the situation so that we can find that harmony again. It never works like that.

I have to find that satisfaction within myself, discovering that I am the very meaning of satisfaction.  I don’t need to change the world.  I can be accepting, compassionate, loving, caring and prayerful.

In meditation, we find harmony with what is. We find a place of spaciousness, accommodation and objectivity. We discover that, that place is myself, that there is always a place where I can rest and find solace and strength to face the many challenges of life.

A life of growth, of maturing and of gaining clarity about the truth of myself, the world and god.

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