Devi Training – A women’s circle facilitator course & education on the sacred feminine –

TOTAL 5 Modules

  1. Education – Sarasvati – know yourself
  2. Healing – Laksmi Lalita Annapurna – embody yourself
  3. Initiation – Durga Kali – honor yourself
  4. Pilgrimage – Bhumi – reverence to mother earth – India
  5. Integration – Devi – all that is here, is sacred – Bali



Devi Training – A women’s circle facilitator course & education on the sacred feminine




  1. Education Sarasvati “know yourself”
  2. Healing Lalita Lakmsi “embody yourself” or nurture yourself
  3. Initiation Durga Kali “honor yourself”
  4. Intention “Bhumi” “pilgrimage to India”
  5. Integration “Shree Devi” “be yourself”…. BE WOMAN


This training is here to bring women from all backgrounds together: offering support, tools & teachings for ones own emotional, spiritual and cognitive growth as well as to be equipped to hold ones own Women’s Circle. This is an educational, pedagogical training with its roots in the Vedic Tradition and Jungian Psychology.


In the Vedic Vision, all that is here, is sacred. I am the whole, nothing is away from me. There might be many different forms, different ornaments yet they are all sustained by one and the same gold. Vedanta says you are that gold.


Discovering that I am the gold, frees my heart from pain, as I stop comparing myself with other women and I discover that what I want, is what I am. I am whole, I am acceptable, I am lovable. I am the source of love, security & happiness. That is sacred beauty to me.


For who:

This Devi Training is for you, for any woman who wants to discover the meaning of the sacred feminine. She who wants to Be a Woman, be herself and fearlessly embody all her different facets and meet the world with an open non judgmental compassionate caring and loving heart, mirroring back love and validation.



Educational Module 1 Sarasvati ‘know yourself’

7 days max 12 participants – full commitment

This first module Sarasvati of the Devi Training is the foundation stone for the other modules.

In this step we learn all the essentials of how to hold and lead a Women’s Circle as well as the meaning of the sacred feminine Devi according to Vedic Vision.

We discover that the source of love, security and happiness we seek in life, is myself and that I have all the ingredients that are required in order to live a fulfilling and content life.

It is important to commit to ones one emotional, spiritual and cognitive growth in order to be equipped to support others in their journey. In this course we nurture ourselves in the company of other women. We are not alone and we can support each other in this healing process.

Women have come together for eons to pray for their families and the world’s well being. In the woman’s heart the whole world is contained, worthy to discover and cherish. The light of knowledge clears up the darkness of ignorance and removes all pain and suffering. It is that light that represents Sarasvati, she who is knowledge.




  • Womanhood: Women through history, female archetypes, Women role model, Woman of today
  • Woman’s Psychology, Jungian Psychology
  • Inner Child Meditation
  • Vedanta – know yourself – The vision of the Veda
  • The Devi ‘Sacred Feminine’ and Deva ‘Sacred Masculine’ according to Vedic Tradition
  • 108 Sanskrit names of Sarasvati Devi with meaning in english
  • Values & integrity
  • Owns one commitment to emotional, spiritual and cognitive growth
  • Sharing your story; understanding the sacred order
  • Tools for emotional management, processing of pain, language of validation
  • A Woman’s pleasure
  • The wounded healer
  • Basics and Foundation of Sharing Circles
  • The art of listening, the healing presence
  • Communication
  • Creating a sacred space
  • How to start, hold and end a circle
  • Invocations and guided meditations
  • Prayers & mantras & Sanskrit
  • Simple and meaningful ritual
  • Vocal excersies, singing, chanting, expressing
  • Sacred arts, creativity



Healing Module 2 Laksmi Lalita “embody yourself ”

7 days max 12 participants – full commitment

This second module Laksmi is dedicated to her, the goddess of abundance and wealth.

In the Vedic Vision all this given, is Laksmi, that includes our bodies. Many women have a judgmental wrong self-image not being able to accept her self. Knowingly or unknowingly many carry a lot of shame and have a sense of unworthiness.

In this module we will go through a deeper healing journey of sharing with each other our challenges of being a woman and any other painful experience. We will learn that the body is sacred and that there is nothing to be ashamed of.


We will learn more Sanskrit prayers, mantras that invoke the healing aspects of Laksmi and getting deeper into the meaning of the sacred feminine. As well as will we dive deeper into the female’s pleasures, talk about any taboo topic and how to sanctify all relationships and ritualize all aspects of our lives.


2.1. Sisterhood; challenges and strengths, sacred beauty, dignity and vanity, self-image – reputation, worthiness and sense of shame, self-care and health

2.2. Sexual healing through writing and sharing our story

2.3. Discovering sacred pleasure, empowering oneself

2.4. Values and integrity – discovering love & compassion

2.5. How to heal relationships

2.6. Relationship guided meditation

2.7. Archetype Laksmi Lalita

2.8. 108 Sanskrit Names of Laksmi and names of Lalita with meaning in english

2.9. Laksmi & Lalita Puja & Guided Meditations

2.10. Ritualizing ones life, one prayerful day

2.11. Morning Puja: body is a temple

2.12. Sharing and healing circle – hands on

2.13. Sister Puja – honoring, admiring and praising each other

2.14. Photo Session

2.15. Nourishment – Goddess Annapurna – May food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

2.16. Yoga, Dance & Mudras



Initiation Module 3 Durga Kali “honor yourself”

7 days max 12 participants – full commitment

The Module focuses primarily on healthy and sacred initiation rites, ritualizing every facet of ones life. We will look into healthy samskaras (sacred initiations and impressions) in the Vedic Tradition and other earth culture traditions.

We will discuss about trauma release, the importance of falling in love with the healing process with patience and compassion. How to be with unwanted emotions and the destructive principle, bringing out the inner demons in a healthy conscious dharmic prayerful way and understanding the karmic module are also topics we will be discussing.


We will also learn about the archetype mother Durga and Kali, the warrior, leader, healer and death archetype. Everything we have learnt in Module 1 and 2 we will come together in this module and each woman will hold a Women’s Circle. How to start a Women’s Circle at ones home and invite other women. Participating in the “Be Woman Project” with Interviews, Stories, Project and Sacred Arts.


3.1. Motherhood, Leader, Mentor, Role Model, Guide, Teacher

3.2. Values, Integrity, Sacred boarders, Non manipulation, karmic Module

3.3. Durga Kali Archetype – Mother archetype

3.4. Sanskrit Names of Durga

3.5. Durga Mantra unfoldment

3.6. Ceremonies, Initiations

3.7. Durga Meditations

3.8. Reimagining Meditations

3.9. Fire Ceremonys

3.10. Offerings

3.11. Leader Role – holding a Circle

3.12. Be Woman Project – Out reach program

3.13. Kali Dance



Intention Module 4 “Bhumi” “pilgrimage to India”


A sacred journey to Mother India with your Devi sisters dedicated to the sacred feminine. Discovering the sacred feminine as myself, I discover that all that is here, comes, exists and goes back to the sacred feminine. All that is here, is sacred, an infinite wonder, fit to be worshipped and praised.

We will visit Devi Temples, adorning ourselves in Saris “Indian traditional dresses”, offer our prayers and intentions, doing Pujas and Homas “Vedic Rituals” invoking Devi’s grace, protection and blessing for our journey of life as a Woman. A real woman, an embodied woman, a strong, brave, wise, caring, loving, compassionate, sensitive, graceful, magical woman.

Women who have participated in at least 1 of the 5 modules or have been to one of the Be Woman Retreats or Circles or have previous experience in this type of work are also welcome to join this sacred journey.


4.1. Life is a pilgrimage – Devi’s journey

4.2. Neutralization of past Karmas

4.3. Setting new intentions

4.4. Sari, culture and codes

4.5. Musical Meditation

4.6. India the Spiritual Heritage

4.5. more to come.




Integration Module 5 “Shree Devi” “be yourself” Bali, BE WOMAN

“Blooming Lotus” a blooming heart….

This last Module marks the culmination of our Devi Training. Having completed all other modules, we journey together (or meet there for those who are already there J ) to Bali, the islands of the gods and goddesses.

For those who have undergone through the whole course this will be the “Prasaadam”. Prasaadam means, receiving the fruits, the results of my actions.

In Veda every actions creates a result, seen and unseen. There is no doubt, any woman who will have partake in the entire program will have accrued a lot of unseen spiritual merits, which will fructify later based on your intentions during the training. Yet there will also be a visible result, and one of them is our journey to Bali.

Bali is an island where the Vedic Culture and Tradition is still very much alive, Women are still worshipped and honored, Devi is the goddess, she is seen, felt, heard, smelt and tasted in all corners of Bali.

A time for nourishment, a time for yourself, a time with mother nature, a time with other Devis, a time with Devi, the goddess.

As every ending is a new beginning and every beginning and ending. We will open this module to women who want to start the Devi Training, so that they have a chance to meet you, who have undertaken the whole program, hear from you how your learning and growing process was.

And you get the chance to share your heart, be an inspiration for your kin, for your sisters for your community.


  • Nourishment
  • Bali Culture
  • Devi is alive
  • Worship
  • Offerings
  • Sacred arts
  • Water Temple
  • Cooking classes
  • Satsang with Swamiji
  • Massage healing pampering
  • more to come.