she who is self-shining, she who sustains the universe and all beings. Devi is you, is I, and is all: one gold, many ornaments. One being, many forms, names and functions.



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Devi Retreat ~ IBIZA SPAIN ~ 18-21 July

The way of the sacred feminine


We invite you to come join us, together in the spirit of the sacred feminine, where we will get to know and honor her in all her infinite expressions.

For centuries women have come together in sacred circle to share stories, pray, dream together and support one another. We invoke mutual honor and deepest reverence to create a sacred symbiosis with ourselves, with each other as women and with Devi.


S a c r e d  O f f e r i n g s

Ancient teachings of the Devi ~ Puja & Sacred Rituals ~ Women’s Circles ~ Yin/ Yang Yoga Therapy for Women ~ The Art of Sacred Touch using the Ancient Taoist Chinese practices of Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang, including Belly, Womb, Ovary and Yoni Massage techniques for Self Care ~ Wisdom of the Womb & practices of Feminine Sensual Embodiment ~, Yogic techniques for the sanctification of the body and mind ~ Sacred sensuality & self expression through sound and movement ~ Jewels from Vedic tradition that honour the Sacred Feminine ~ Tools for Emotional and Spiritual Growth and Healing ~ Nourishing Treats & Elixirs.

sharada 3Sharada who is deeply rooted in the Vedic Tradition will share devotional practices and teachings that honors, praises, worships and reveals the essential nature of ourselves that is absolute fullness here and now. Sharada will guide through ceremonial sacred women’s circles that are filled with prayers, mantras and rituals where we will discover the healing shakti – power of Devi.

In the Vedic Vision there is not one goddess or many goddesses, there is only goddess. Everything is sacred. Everything is a manifestation of the sacred feminine. She is from whom all comes, exists and goes back to. Bhumi Devi, the great compassionate mother earth. She is nourishment and infinite patience.

There is a rich aroma of Indian Vedantic Teachings in Lao-Tze.  Lao-Tze taught that the Tao is the sanctuary where all things find refuge, and believed that females are the Mothers of all things and all human beings. In accordance with Tao, which generates everything, females are those that produce all things. Without females or mothers, there is nothing else in the world.

“The Valley Spirit never dies

It is named the Mysterious Female.

And the doorway of the Mysterious Female

Is the base from which Heaven and Earth sprang.

It is there within us all the while.

Draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.”

Tao Te Ching, Chapter VI

kay 4

Kay specializes in embodiment practices specifically designed to nourish our feminine temples from the inside.  She will guides us through Yin / Yang therapeutic yoga practices informed by the 5-Element Meridian wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine, where we will attune with the elemental rhythms, cycles, and seasons of nature and within our beings. She will also share techniques using the sacred art of touch, and self care using the ancient Taoist healing techniques of Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang, that honour and nurture centres  our centres of awakening consciousness in our bodies.

sharada and kay

Together, Sharada and Kay guide us through practices and teachings of the these ancient eastern traditions to come home to ourselves and our essence. To bring us jewels of insight will nourish, bless and enrich every woman’s womb-heart profoundly.






Accommodation and Logistic.

Our dear sister Rebecca, founder of Pure Love Retreats will be hosting our immersion at her stunning villa.

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~ Om Devyai Namaha ~

My reverential salutation unto goddess, she who is self shining