Devi Retreats – The way of the sacred feminine

jmn-160305-dsc02085A devotional time on the magical island of Bali dedicated to
 sacred beauty, nourishment and the precious jewels of the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, led by teachers who have dedicated their lives to spiritual growth.

Learn about the sacred feminine and masculine. We learn about the different forms, like the Goddesses Durga, Laksmi, Saraswati, Lalita and many more according to the Vedic teaching and how this can benefit your life profoundly.

During the Devi Sadhana we will learn about Inner Child Meditation. An important part are the sharing circles, classes on the different archetypes and vedanta. As well as the benefit of Puja, Mantra Chanting and other spiritual practices will be shared.


The venue is privately secluded in the traditional village of Penestanan Kaja- Ubud, with a view over the rice fields and surrounded by the many junglesounds. Supported by the prayerful culture of Bali we spend precious time together discovering the blessings of Devi.

As part of our Sadhana we visit Temple, Rivers and Water Temple, learning about altar, worship, offerings, Vedic rituals and mantras. 

Devi Sadhana Bali   Devi Sadhana Bali