A Women’s circle facilitator course and education on the sacred feminine

This training is here to bring women from all backgrounds together: offering support, tools & teachings for ones own emotional, spiritual and cognitive growth as well as to be equipped to hold ones own Women’s Circle. This training is to empower woman by focusing on what we have in common, not what differentiates us. It is an educational, pedagogical training with its roots in the Vedic Tradition and Jungian Psychology.

43105929_341691809730074_3602933182829166592_nWho is it for?

This Devi Training is for you, for any woman who wants to discover the meaning of the sacred feminine. She who wants to Be a Woman, be herself and fearlessly embody all her different facets and meet the world with an open non judgmental compassionate caring and loving heart, mirroring back love and validation.

In the Vedic vision …

… all that is here, is sacred. I am the whole, nothing is away from me. There might be many different forms, different ornaments yet they are all sustained by one and the same gold. Vedanta says you are that gold.

Discovering that I am the gold, frees my heart from pain, as I stop comparing myself with other women and I discover that what I want, is what I am. I am whole, I am acceptable, I am lovable. I am the source of love, security & happiness. That is sacred beauty to me.



Three modules – 200 hours

This is a very deep journey and is for those who are ready to embrace prayerfully all aspects of oneself, pleasant and unpleasant. No doubt that this training and educational program will bring up unconscious material, bring light to all the wrong notions and judgments we have around ourselves, the world and god. The participants have to be ready to embrace the spiritual disciplines and tools that include prayers, Vedic Chanting – Mantras, Vedic Rituals, Guided Meditations, Sacred Feminine Self Care rituals and Sharing Circles. 



Know Woman. Be Woman. All Women. Nature. Nurture. Me.

May we:
Neutralize competition through sharing stories, contribution, support and validation.
Neutralize jealousy through admiration and the sacred arts.
Neutralize fear, insecurity, the sense of unworthiness, shame and alienation through self knowledge and sacred gatherings.