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Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women
Nature Nurture Me


Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women
Nature Nurture Me
Free Woman, Strong Woman, Brave Women
Find your voice and shine
Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women
Nature Nurture Me
Reflection, Connection, Protection
Standing side by side
Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women
Nature Nurture Me




The vision of the Be Woman Project is to:

Neutralize competition through contribution, support and validation

Neutralize jealousy through admiration and the sacred arts

Neutralize fear, insecurity and the sense of unworthiness through knowledge

KNOW WOMAN – know yourself    BE WOMAN – be yourself  ALL WOMEN – all are your very own self
You are the gold in and through all the ornaments. Some may be necklaces, some may be bangles, others may be earrings – but all exist as gold alone.
…. sacred mirror…..
You are the love that sustains the whole universe.
Be Woman Mantra:
Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women.
Nature Nurture Me.
Free Woman, Strong Woman, Brave Women. Find your Voice and Shine


What does it mean to ‘Be Woman’?
Know who you are, know what is the meaning of woman, of the sacred feminine.

The sacred feminine is all love, all nourishment, all compassion.

She is like the sacred weather;

unpredictable, uncontrollable, incomparable, unsustainable, and an inexplicable wonder. And that’s the way we love and adore her.

Love, adore, worship and praise her, and her heart blooms. That is what we invoke – blooming, non-judgmental, trustworthy and compassionate hearts.

Every woman can understand another woman’s heart when resting in her true and naked being. There is nothing but love, patience and understanding.

If we find something else, like jealousy, comparison, rivalry, judgment or competition then we are covered and blinded.

Ignorance covers and projects. We have to remove this veil.

Use your heart to discern what is true and trust your intuition.

Everything else is painful.

So KNOW WOMAN – Wake up.
BE WOMAN — Be fearlessly yourself.

You are incomparable and absolutely unique, like a snowflake, and yet, you are one with every woman as the sparkle of snow in each snowflake.

A sacred mirror for the one heart we all share.

Every form is your form, every name is your name.

Be yourself. Then you are love. Then you are comfortable.

Be, shine, attract.

Like a lotus flower, let all the honeybees come to you.

What attracts is happiness that has no reason. You are the source of attraction. You are the source of happiness and security.

Know you are one with ALL WOMEN.

One with Mother Nature, mother of the universe, all nourishment and healing power you are – let’s celebrate by nurturing each other and allow ourselves to be nurtured in return.

Ultimately, we are free from gender, however we are exploring here what it means to be and embody the feminine principle. The men in your life can certainly embrace and benefit from this too. May we all rest more wholly in, and as, the sacred feminine and restore in ourselves and each other what is nourishing, abundant, harmonious, compassionate and all-embracing.


A Note from Sharada, the Founder of Be Woman Project

Be Woman Project is a collective prayer and intention to inspire Women

from all over the world to find their voice and shine.

My revered teacher shared with me, a long time ago, a profoundly beautiful and meaningful prayer, similar to a mantra, in many Devi Classes we were privileged to participate in.

“Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women, Nature, Nurture, Me”

This prayer has touched and blessed my heart so profoundly that I added a melody and started to chant, sing and share it with my sacred sisters in Devi Circles that I started to organize and hold.

Today, this mantra is being shared with many women and some sacred sisters and I have added more words to it:

Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women. Nature. Nurture Me.

Free Woman, Strong Woman, Brave Women. Find your Voice and Shine.

Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women. Nature. Nurture Me.

Reflection, Connection, Protection. Standing side by side.

Know Woman, Be Woman, All Women. Nature. Nurture Me.

Reflect Woman, connect and protect this absolute priceless jewel that you are.

If a women’s heart can heal, it heals the whole universe, because she is the whole universe.

Women have shared and come together for times immemorial, gathered to pray, to sing, to worship, to support, to heal, to nourish.

Now we come together to grow, inquire and embark the profound journey towards Self Acceptance and the Discovering Love.

With love and heart


How does the Sacred Feminine express through you?

Be Woman Stories – healing, understanding, compassion

“Know woman. Be woman. All women.”

Share your story. Stories of life, of growth, of the silent or screaming – the unforgettable moments that mark a point of passage, of initiation, into your evolving Womanhood.

Women are strong. Women are brave. Being woman means being naked, vulnerable and raw. Baring herself means accepting all facets of her life of her being. Every emotion that ever was and ever will be, she felt it, it ran through her veins.

It is her time to share, her time to be seen. She is what is, here and now. She is the infinite expression of the whole universe. How she expresses herself is her choice.


Be Woman Projects – reaching out, contribution & support

“Free woman. Strong woman. Brave women. Standing side by side.”

How do you share your heart, passion and uninhibited love with the world? Do you cook, sing or paint? Are you a mother, a sister, a wife, a grandmother? Share with us how your express yourself. Let us celebrate you and be inspired!

We can support each other with our given gifts and skills. Instead of competing with each other, we contribute and lift each other up.

You have something that I think I don’t have. I have something that you think you don’t have. We overcome these seeming differences by finding out what we have in common, seeing how we are complementary and discovering how we can serve each other.

Share your business, skills, or project with us and we’ll present it here so it can be a resource available to other women to be used as a source of knowledge, aid, or inspiration.   Let us know what is possible. Let us show you what is possible. As a sacred constellation of talent, we all come out shining together as one bright luminous body of light and love.


Be Woman Mantra – expression & the sacred arts

“Reflection. Connection. Protection. Find your voice and shine.

Share your voice. Sing it. Paint it. Speak it. Dance it. In whatever way you express, share with us your personalized version of the Be Woman Mantra.

Reflect upon yourself, upon the feminine principle, and connect with us. Let us be inspired by your voice, your heart and your vision. You are safe here in the circle of sacred sisterhood, resting in the one heart we all share.



The Heart of the Be Woman Project


The books Discovering Love and The Value of Values by Swami Dayananda are the cornerstones that have provided the foundation for the Be Woman Project. They contain timeless teachings and expound upon the universal values we all share as beings striving to live harmoniously in the world.

Knowing my essential nature as limitless, as the source of love, happiness and security, gives me freedom. Freedom from suffering, from judgment, from everything I don’t want. We all want to be loved. In fact, we all want what we already are! All we need, is to know.

Being love, being me, is not an action.

It is not something to be accomplished or to achieve.

It is something to be known, to be discovered, as an already accomplished fact.

The Value of Values

The Discovery of Love

App of Swami Dayananda – downloads and buy books – all proceeds goes to Arsha Vidya






Be Woman Retreats

Women have come together to share for time immemorial, gathering to pray, to sing, to worship, to support, to grieve, and to nourish. When a woman’s heart heals, it heals the whole universe, because she is the whole universe.

This is a time and place for initiations into sacred sisterhood, into womanhood. Knowledge is shared and passed on, from generation to generation. We can learn from each other, our stories told and untold. Full validation and sanctification of body, mind and senses.

Here is a list of upcoming retreats and circles happening worldwide.

Devi Training – a Women’s Circle Facilitator course and education on the sacred feminine

This training is here to bring women from all backgrounds together: offering support, tools & teachings for ones own emotional, spiritual and cognitive growth as well as to be equipped to hold ones own Women’s Circle. This is an educational, pedagogical training with its roots in the Vedic Tradition and Jungian Psychology.

In the Vedic Vision, all that is here, is sacred. I am the whole, nothing is away from me. There might be many different forms, different ornaments yet they are all sustained by one and the same gold. Vedanta says you are that gold.

Discovering that I am the gold, frees my heart from pain, as I stop comparing myself with other women and I discover that what I want, is what I am. I am whole, I am acceptable, I am lovable. I am the source of love, security & happiness. That is sacred beauty to me.

For who:

This Devi Training is for you, for any woman who wants to discover the meaning of the sacred feminine. She who wants to Be a Woman, be herself and fearlessly embody all her different facets and meet the world with an open non judgmental compassionate caring and loving heart, mirroring back love and validation.

See here for more information regarding the Devi Training

Devi Ambassador Training (1 year online training) LATER

My prayer is that we have many Be Woman Ambassadors all over the world, sharing the love that we are. In supporting women, we support the whole family – husbands, wives, daughters and sons.

More info later…


When I hear the words “sacred feminine” what comes to you?

When I hear the words “sacred feminine” what comes to my heart is…

Define beauty

Beauty, to me, is…

What inspires you?

I am inspired by…

What do you offer/what are your gifts?

My offering is…

My gifts are…

Share a story of your transition?

a story of transformation that has happened or you would like to happen

You can go as deep or as shallow as you

If you love photography or audiovisual, create your photo collage and video, share with your kin. What captures your heart? What inspires you? What is sacred beauty? What is the sacred feminine for you? What means for you to be woman? What is your idea

As we admire so we become so we are. Yad bhaavam tad bhavati. What I see in you is there in me. I am worthy, worthy, worthy, worthy to receive, worthy to be, to be seen, to be loved.

Are you, you? Is your love free from condition free from control? Are you true to your feelings, are you honoring yourself? Do you know you are worthy? Do you know you are unique like a snowflake yet free from the hold of arrogance? Are you at ease with other women, their talents and beauty? Are you in touch with your intuition? Do you trust the process? Do you know about the sacred emotional weather and cycles? Are you wheeling time? Is there patience and non judgementalness? Time for rest, for creativity, for time alone….

Whats a thought that you commonly have that gives your energy?




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Be Woman Project Presentation – Invite us!

Be Woman Project is an initiative with a vision to neutralize competition, jealousy and fear through sharing of stories, sacred mirroring, supporting projects, sacred arts, admiration and education.

This 2 hours informational meeting is to share the vision of Be Woman Project and how any woman can be a contributor and sacred mirror to others.

The giver is the receiver. The receiver is the giver.

In supporting women, we support the whole family – husbands, wives, daughters and sons.

Visit Be Woman Story to see how it all began