VAIDIKA is a Sanskrit word that stands for dharma, universal values that are applicable to all people at all times.

A universal value, for example, is ahimsa, non-injury. No being wants to be hurt. Every being runs away from hurt.

This is something very obvious and known to all, yet sometimes we do hurt.  We say things that are not pleasing, we easily lie, we take advantage of other people, we compete, we convert people, and so on.

For a person that is more mature, a value such as ahimsa becomes very important, even to such a degree that eventually one does not want to compromise ones values any more. One has understood that if I play with fire, I get burned.

Vaidika also honors all being through rituals, referred to as yajnas and pujas.

Reaching out to the unseen, the unknown grace factor, through prayers and offerings is a beautiful act of expressing ones gratitude for all the infinite given blessings in one’s life.

Life lives on life. I don’t take anything for granted. For a Vaidika, it is important to honor all beings including the elements, the sun and moon,  forefathers, spiritual teachers, people, animals and the plant kingdom.

Vaidika comes from that which is Veda.

Veda talks about dharma, rituals and there are beautiful stories in the form of literature such as the Puranas and epics like the Maha Bharata and Ramayana. These are healthy myths that provide noble characters to look up to. What have the elders, the wise ones done when faced with difficult situations?  Maybe there is something we can learn from them.

For a Vaidika, there is only One.

There is only one being, one whole that is God. God appearing as all forms, all names, all beings. There is a vision of oneness, of wholeness and of completeness. All beings are whole and complete.  The end goal of a human being is ultimately moksha. Freedom from pain and suffering. Freedom from the cycle of birth and death.  The Vaidika structure helps one to mature, to grow and to be ready for that defectless goal to be achieved. A place of no return – oneself. The self that is One. The self that is the self of all beings. The self that is ever free, limitless and unaffected by anything that happens in this world.

There is a beautiful universal prayer that wishes all beings freedom and peace – mokshaH and svastiH.
That which is ultimately good.
The highest Goal.