Om dear friends, 
A Warm welcome to this week’s Pearls of Wisdom Classes. 

We have been looking into the 20 values of the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13 and are now coming to our closing week of this chapter. 

The last two values are dedicated to seeing again and again the value of keeping in view the purpose of knowledge of truth as well as the constancy in application of the knowledge centred on the self. The self that is whole and complete here and now. 

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

What does it mean: when the student is ready?

I am an individual finding myself as a separate entity in this world. Looking at myself; all I can see are limitations. Everything is different from me; in my eyes everything is bigger, wiser, more competent, more worthy …. It is an endless comparison where I end up in pain, not being able to accept myself as I am here and now. 

An endless suffering of becoming, becoming happy. I have a desire, I act upon it, I get a limited result. Maybe it is exactly what I want, maybe it is the opposite, maybe different. I never know what I will get, all I know is that I keep hoping that this one thing is going to fulfil me, that this one thing will make me complete, will make me acceptable. That this one thing will end my lifelong struggle to become happy and end this constant game of comparison and competition. 

But no matter what I do…. It doesn’t end, the wanting doesn’t end. There might be a temporary relief of my pain,  my struggles once I fulfil a desire but it doesn’t take long, until I am a wanting person again, displeased trying to become pleased again. 

One day; the question rises in this individual; is there more to this life? Is there a way to really be happy? Is there such a thing that doesn’t come and doesn’t go? Is there anything real and lasting about myself & the world? Is there God/Goddess? What is God really?

As this fundamental questions rise in the person that is struggling to become happy, one meets a person that can offer temporary relief with a nice quote, maybe one starts going to Yoga Classes, or even visits a Guru. But the day will come, where one will find his/her Guru. His/her teacher who can answer all the above questions because that person has had a Guru, a teacher who also had a teacher who also had a teacher and so on. And now the once upon student has become a teacher because a fit student has arrived that has been ready to acknowledge the helplessness of being a human being, of not being able to solve the fundamental problems of life and is now seeking guidance, is ready to receive help, follow a life of dharma and a committed pursuit of self knowledge which is Vedanta. 

Vedanta being the means of knowledge to understand the self, that is free from all limitations here and now. The self that doesn’t become happy, that doesn’t become whole, the self that doesn’t die, or is subject to ignorance. 
The self that is free from all limitations, IS yourself, IS the very self of this whole creation, IS the very self of God/Goddess. There is only one self, one reality, one truth and that is you. That is Vedanta. The light of knowledge that removes the darkness of ignorance. 

Welcome to another week of Pearls of Wisdom. 

In gratitude & love

ḥariḥ oṁ śrī gurubhyo namaḥ ḥariḥ oṁ

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