Yoga Knowledge Teacher Training Malmö Yoga Kendra Sweden

Yoga Knowledge Teacher Training

Yoga Kendra, Malmö

Jul 30 to Aug 8, 2018

What is special about this Yoga Knowledge training?

👌There are many Yoga teacher trainings that have its focus mainly on Asanas (postures). As one evolves one sees that the Asanas are one part of the whole Yoga Tradition. You enter and you discover a whole new world that has been unknown to many of us. When we dare to enter and open our hearts to the spiritual heritage of India, an ocean of pearls of wisdom awaits us and sacred practices that help us sanctify all aspects of our life. We discover that life is a gift, a wonder, a sacred field where we play our roles and contribute to the sacred symbiosis of it all.

Yoga is an attitude, a prayerful life, a map towards maximum growth and maturity as a human being where I see clearly that I am the source of happiness and security and it is on my part to put the proper effort forth to attain the happiness I long for.

We give up the finite in order to welcome the infinite.

I don’t want to teach, is it still worth for me to join?

👌YES! You can share what you have learned afterwards, you need not, yet sharing helps me own it up and make it mine, the Knowledge gained. In any case if you want to teach or not, in this week long course you will learn a healthy routine that you can live by the rest of your life, along with your other practices yet with the clear understanding of what each practice is here for and how it helps me. The aim is to find inspiration and the courage to be a maverick person that sees through the glasses of wholeness, love and compassion towards the world without prejudice and judgements.

I feel hesitant towars all the prayers, Sanskrit and mantras

👌that is totally understandable. Many of us have the Christian myth as an upbringing and god is one of judgments. In the Vedic Vision God is not a person who created the world in 7 days. In the Vedic Vision all that is here, is God, is Goddess. There are not even one god or many gods, or one goddess or many goddesses, there is only god only sacred in other words; LOVE.

Love is God, love is not an action, love is the substratum of all. Love is myself and it is that love that manifests as all that is, known and unknown.

Prayers is natural for a mature person, as a mature person you understand and recognize that I am not in control, I am in the hands of the unknown, I am not the giver of the results of my actions. I have limited abilities in this infinite creation, yet we find ourselves wanting to be in charge and control of everything. That is futile. Knowing how to use my will is maturity. I cannot change my past, parents or any other person. I can change my habits, my language, my opinions but I can never ever change what has happened or predict the future. There is a certain helplessness and a mature person admits that. I am not totally helpless, because I have been given the faculty of praying and I can ask for  help from this infinite intelligent being. We call Ishvara in Sanskrit. That which protects, that which is limitless, free from limitations. So when I pray, I ask for guidance, for protection or I give gratitude for all that is. Because all that is, does not really belong to me. Mantras have been chanted for 1000of years, these sacred Sanskrit words and phrases are all wonderful sweet honoring praising words, loving words, gratitude words. Words that express admiration, kindness, wonderment, reverence.

Sanskrit is a purely spiritual language. There are no swear words. A language that conveyes love and light.

For more information pls write to me with your questions, so happy to answer all your questions.

This is a special opportunity! Welcome 🙏

More info and registration

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