BE WOMAN TRAINING ‘a Women’s Circle Facilitator Course & Education on the Sacred Feminine’

BE WOMAN TRAINING ‘a Women’s Circle Facilitator Course & Education on the Sacred Feminine’
3 Dates Aug 6 – 12 | SEP 24 – 30 | FEB 25 – 3/3

Led by an amazing powerful committed group of women who are whole heartedly inspired and passionate in empowering other women.

Join me and my sisters Petra Kalla, Nathalie Sommer, Beta Lisboa, Rebecca Clare Simpkin hopefully Kay Balnaves🙂 and Jenny Janaki Solberg and hopefully Morag Mālikā Riddet on this sacred journey rediscovering the value of woman, sister and motherhood as a role model, leader, mentor or mother in and of the universe.

My heart is full and feels so incredibly blessed to be offering this with my sisters in 3 beautiful locations.
This has been a dream of mine and now its all coming together.

Thank you Reception Urban OM for welcoming our first Sarasvati training
Gratitude to PURE LOVE RETREATS for inviting us for our Laksmi Training and UNDERTHEBANYANTREE, my home for invoking Durga to shine strong and beautiful.

Runa Dahlin, this amazing Devi. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to her. She made the website for Be Woman Project. Have a look, we are still updating and adding more information but its slowly coming together!!! Thank you Runa, for you, your incredibly talented and what a heart of devotion!!

And thank you to Erik Jaraker again for the beautiful video, Sarasvati’s grace and Jean Manuel for images and maybe more to come 🙂

And all my other Devi Sisters, friends & teachers who have been behind the scene, heart connected support profound especially my dear Sara Mononenand Ingela PinglanSanna Akasha-TobiasSatya JacobienMél AngeAlly FelicidarioAnna SunessonKasza SzelestEmily KuserMaryse Cote, Carol Whitfield, Kristin Aranya, Valerie Nunes, Renée Rozlynn Garland, Audrey, Lina Alonso, Idha Karlsson, Merete Skjørten, Anna Asplund, Ann-Charlotte Johansson, AnnaStina Örn, Nadja Stevens, Lena Söderlund and all others who we have met, been seen and heard.

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