A glimpse from our Sacred Feminine Retreat at Shambala Gatherings



A glimpse from our Women’s Retreat, Devi Retreat at beautiful Shambala.

We had almost a whole week together, learning about Devi.

We came together in the spirit of the sacred feminine to heal, to learn, to nourish, to find a value for being a woman.

What is the meaning of woman, sister and motherhood. There is so much to learn.

We made new sister friends, we shared our stories, we laughed, we cried, we moved, we prayed. We left something at the altar, the sense of unworthiness, the sense of not being good enough or beautiful enough.

We all went home with more understanding, more acceptance, more care and love for what is. Then what is, is sacred.

There is not one goddess, or many goddesses, there is only goddess. Everything is sacred.

Deepest gratitude to all of you from the bottom of my heart!

A dream came true!!

Photos taken by Olivia Hey Larsen Devi

For full album see here


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