Interview with Sharada in Shambala’s #3 edition of Guide to Freedom “Rise, Goddess, Rise!”

Dear friends,

This time, we would love to dedicate our issue to the women, the beautiful women, the warm women, the strong women. All women!
The reason for this is that there is so much wonderful material out there to share with you in guidance of the rise of the Goddess, or the archetypal feminine principle in all creation.

This last month we have been inundated by a radiant new generation of teachers that are making profound teachings available to all of us women today.
There are no shortage of guides and paths to follow in order to rise up and claim our freedom, individuality and power. We put them freely available to you here below for your enjoyment!

Right at the end there is an interview with the mesmerising Sharada. She will be holding a Goddess circle and retreat with us in July.

Rise Goddess, rise!

The Shambala Crew

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Interviewing Sharada, Sacred Feminine Teacher and Facilitator.

Question: “If there were a science to happiness, what would be key for you to achieve this goal?”

Retreat: Sacred Femenine Retreat (4-9th July 2017)

If there were? There is! 🙂 But not in the way we know of science, where we have to find evidence, here we are talking about something that is self evident. My self. I am, I exist, I am un-negatable, self-existent awareness, which is limitless.

The fact is I am the source of happiness but this is unknown to me otherwise I would not struggle to become happy. The very question itself indicates that we have accepted that we are not happy. Therefore we are seeking, trying, hoping that one day I will be ok. Yet the moment I become happy, something underlying tells me, this is not going to last, it will change and I realize the sadness is here again.

This struggle of becoming happy is called Samsara. To become is so unbecoming of me, as I am already everything I want to be, here and now. If not, life would be meaningless and I would not be able to get ever out of my misery.

There is a solution. I have to recognize that the problem is not in the world or the world itself. There is nothing wrong with the world or with me. There is only ignorance which can be removed. The problem is I don’t know and I need to know, there must be a means of knowledge that can reveal this truth about my essential nature. The great seers called Rshis saw and passed on this knowledge. We have a means of knowledge available in this creation. What a blessing! We can expose ourselves to it and start this sacred inquiry.

If sadness would be my nature, then I would happily accept me being sad but I cannot because it is not what I am.
I cannot stand being limited, with every action I try to become acceptable to me;  in other words;  whole, complete, free from limitations.

Yet think about it, will an action make me free, whole and complete? It cannot, the very action itself indicates transformation and is limited by nature.

Therefore I have to recognize that I am already full and complete here and now. A cognitive shift is required, not an action. In contemplation we find out that we are that which we have always looked for outside ourselves, in trying to be better. We are already better than the best.

We are infinite beings that have made some mistakes in our identity. All that is required, is a shift in the perception of ourselves. This is the only veil that keeps us from living from our true selves.
The saints and sages of the past and up to this present moment, are pointing to this reality. It is up to us, to expose ourselves to these teachings and then dare to live. Just live a simple life aligned with this eternal truth.

Don’t miss out on this beautiful woman’s retreat this summer!
Retreat: Sacred Femenine Retreat (4-9th July 2017)

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