A video from our pilgrimage to South India – India Yatra 2016


A Video made by dear Fredrik Niclasen,
who joined the India Yatra last October 2016. india yatra Sharada Vaidika Vedanta Meditation Yoga Chanting Mantra Sanskrit Bali Ammaji Dayananda Swamini Pramananda

18 days diving deeply into the Vedic Tradition and Spiritual Heritage of Mother India.

We spent time at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam Ashram of Shree Pujya Swamiji Dayanada,
studying Vedanta, Chanting, Sanskrit, waking up with early Temple Puja and Guided Meditation.

For contemplation we went for beautiful sunset walks.
We have had the privilege to meet the Acaryas, Traditional Teachers of Vedanta and Swaminis who chant the hymns of Mother Veda as well as the residential students of the
3 and a half years course of Vedanta and Sanskrit.

india yatra Sharada Vaidika Vedanta Meditation Yoga Chanting Mantra Sanskrit Bali Ammaji Dayananda Swamini PramanandaPujya Swamiji inaugurated many Schools for village children, in order to preserve the Culture, teach values and make education available to all. It was beautiful and touching to visit the boys and girls. An afternoon of laughter, singing, dancing and chanting.

Swamiji inaugurated a traditional Ayurvedic Clinique and a Herbal Garden that isfriends taken care of by a lovely dedicated family and long time devotee of Pujya Swamiji.

Hearts filled and ready to embark the train to Varkala, Kerala, where we had one week retreat of Vedanta, Chanting, Meditation as well as Puja, Sanskrit and Yoga.

After 4 days Darshana from the Dayananda Sisters visited us and gave us a workshop on Vedic Chanting and sharing with us storys of her time with Pujya Swamiji. So special, absolutely priceless. In the evening we were sitting on the roof top, accompanied by a Musical Meditation that brought us to tears, tears of gratitude and appreciation.

After this week, we went back to Coimbatore and we were lovingly welcomed by Ammaji, Swamini Pramananda at Ashram, Purna Vidya Foundation, Coimbatore.

india yatra Sharada Vaidika Vedanta Meditation Yoga Chanting Mantra Sanskrit Bali Ammaji Dayananda Swamini Pramananda
An Spiritual Awakening Retreat that Ammaji lovingly put together for us, was ahead of us. She taught us a text on Vedanta and spent precious time with us during Satsang, answering all our questions. We also visited temple and the beautiful mountains near by.

We ended our yatra with a Homa, a traditional Fire Ritual, offering mantras and other items into the Fire, invoking Ganapati, Laksmi, Sarasvati and Shree Medha Daksinamurtis Blessing for our spiritual journey at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam.

Thank you all, a profound initiation for all indeed. For some it was the first time in India, for others it a revisit yet with an intention to learn and grow and for me, it was an honor to bring dedicated devoted friends and students to the place where I lived and studied what is most dear to me, Vedanta and the Vedic Tradition at Swamijis Ashram. To whom I am in endless gratitude for all he and his teachers and devotees have shared and taught me.

Dhanyoham again and again and again.

May we all hold dear the tradition and spiritual heritage of India, it teaches us the timeless wisdom of who we really are.

A Tradition of immediate blessings

Om shaantih shaantih shaantih

First chant by Sharada
Second chant Hanuman Chalisa by Krsna Das

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