The Vision of Vedanta – the profound journey towards self acceptance and the discovery of love – Upcoming Vedanta camps and Devi Circles

The Vision of Vedanta
The profound journey towards self acceptance and the discovery of love.

Every being wants to meet the world and people with love and care, but nowadays many JMN-160501-DSC04210-.jpgpeople find themselves struggling when they engage and interact with others.
There is insecurity, judgment, fears, self doubts and the list goes on.

I can meet the world and people with leisure, with care, understanding and non judgementalness when I have found self acceptance and love as my very own being.
Then I can receive the world and people as they are, accept them as they are, love them as they are with understanding and compassion for their background, including my own.

We seek love and validation in the world and people and it will never be a long term result. Eventually they can not keep up with my expectations and the object of love turns into an object of hate.
I love it as long as it pleases me and when it stops pleasing me, I develop a dislike towards it, which is very sad because once it was a dear friend to me or an appreciated object or situation.

In order to be able to love and be free in relationships with people and any other facet of my life, not from them, i have to find self acceptance, then i can love freely, wholly and fearlessly. JMN-160501-DSC03679-.jpg

When we share our stories as we do in Devi circles, we learn to settle account with something other than the person or world in person, we do it in a prayerful way that is based on understanding of what the universal order is and that there is a background for things, people’s behavior and the situation in our lives, including our own.
We invoke a higher principle and power that is not conditioned.

Because of shame, conditioning, agendas, expectations, ideas and wrong notions we find it difficult to accept what is, there is judgment and that makes it difficult to find healing and the ability to let go of the past.  There is worry and anxiety about the future and a sense of unworthiness that has been directing our lives for a very long time.
Life becomes a struggle. Life is a struggle, unless we choose to find another way.

JMN-160501-DSC03644-.jpgThrough the teaching of Vedanta which helps us to accept every layer of our being, we find healing, solace and ultimately love because that is the truth about ourselves. Love is truth, it is what we are, it is where we came from, it is what sustains us and it is that, which we go back to again. Love is, it exists, I am, I cannot not negate that fact. It is a truth about ourselves, worth to discover because it gives me happiness in and through my entire life. It ends the struggle and gives me freedom.

That is what we want, freedom from struggling.
Isn’t that, what we all want?
To be happy and secure. And as long as I am dependent on the world for it, I will be insecure and unhappy because the worlds keeps changing. How boring would it be, if it wouldn’t?
That is the magic of the universe; colorful, ever changing, unpredictable and a wonder in every way. 
Finding the security and happiness as my very own self, is the best and lasting result that one can wish for, because it will always be and never ever leave me again.

In our upcoming Vedanta Camps/retreats and Devi Circles, we will have time, to spend in this timeless most wonderful teachings.

There cannot be a better vision than that; a vision, a mirror where I am wonderful just the way I am.

Join us on this profound journey towards self acceptance and the discovery of love.

Upcoming Vedanta Camps/Retreats and Devi Circles.


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