Vedanta Weekend Branno Island

Vedanta Weekend Brännö Island Sep 2016


So happy to announce that we gonna have a Vedanta Weekend on the beautiful island of Brännö with Sharada.

After a beautiful vedanta weekend in Gothenburg we wanted to bring this sacred teaching to the island. What better place then the serene archipelago to contemplate on the nature of I.

Will be in a beautiful Art Studio, Valmossestigen 2. 15 min walk from the Harbour. You’re welcome to participate half, one or both days. We meet in the morning at 10am, spend the day in meaningful topics, eat lunch together and then finish at 6pm.

More detailed info, see below, or write to us.

If you would like to stay for the night, we also have some sleeping facilities.

Warm regards
Kristin, Patrik & Sharada

This will be an opportunity to spend time with the traditional teachings of vedanta which is the means for mokshah – freedom from suffering. We will spend time both with the vedic vision itself and with the practices that help us to find balance and harmony in our daily lives. Sharada will share those things that have really been a blessing and made life easier, happier and more meaningful.

If you have special wishes for topics to adress you’re welcome to let us know, the participants can also influence what we do this weekend.

Proposed schedule:

10.00 Welcome & tea
10.30 Meditation
11.00 Vedanta
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Naturewalk & rest
15.00 Puja
16.00 Vedanta
17.00 Satsang
18.00 Finish

Sharada has devoted her life to understand and pass on the tradition of advaita vedanta. She lives in Bali with her teacher Swāmī Vāgishānanda Saraswatī and studies with him daily since the last 7 years. In the summer she spends time in Europe, to teach and also study with Shri Rādhāji (Dr Carol Whitfield). She also participated in a 3 years course of Vedanta & Sanskrit in India with Shree Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati. She can also help you with personal guidance as well as sanskrit, chanting & mantra.

When: Sat-Sun 17 – 18 September
Welcome for one or both days.
Where: Art Studio,Valmossestigen 2, Branno Island
Price: Suggested donation 450kr/day inkl lunch. If you’re interested and can’t contribute with money please let us know.

Sleeping: suggested donation 100kr

Warmly welcome to join us this weekend!
Much Love, Shāradā, Kristin & Patrik

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