Sanskrit Classes Online

Sanskrit classes online:
These classes will be open for anyone who’s interested, but will be extra good to join for those of you who are planning to come to the 3 month course with Radha next autumn.

Tuesdays 6pm (Swedish time) starting 23rd Aug (30th Aug no class):
Sanna teaches the sanskrit alphabet – learning how to read, write & pronounce & later sandhi rules. Access here:

Thursdays 6pm (Swedish time) starting 25th Aug:
Sharada teaches basic sanskrit grammar. Access here:

We will start from scratch so for those of you who where in our classes at Mangalam it will be repetition the first classes – which is really good and let’s it all sink in deeper!

Please know that our aim is that everyone who is interested can join, if you don’t feel confident to join, please talk with us and we’ll help! I am very confident that every single one of you that I know can get this, much easier than you think! And it is a fact for all of us that at first it seems a bit overwhelming, but that’s why Sharada & I are there!

Pujya Swamiji really emphasized the importance of learning sanskrit and how it helps to assimilate the vedantic knowledge much deeper. However you can still gain moksha wihtout it!

The classes will be on donation, Suggested minimum donation 5 USD/class (42 SEK) (if you don’t have the possibility to donate now but still want to come, you’re welcome).
We strongly recommend commiting for the 4 months up until christmas so that we can have a natural progression of the classes. It will also be helpful for both you and us if donations are given at the beginning of each month, or in full at the beginning of the course since we know from experience this increases the motivation of the students.

Donation details:
Sharada via Paypal:
Sanna via Swish: 0708-704859 or paypal

Please contact us via personal message or email to join.
Om Shri Saraswatyai Namah
Sanna & Sharada

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