Devi Circle Mangalam, Dagsas 17 july 2016



Devi circle the 17 th july at 15-18.00

Om Namaste dear Devis, we invite you to join a Devi Circle at Mangalam. This is a sacred gathering of women where we gift each other with our presence: invoking love, healing, nourishment, support, acceptance and guidance for this journey that we call life. A profound discovery of love.
Women have come together since ancient times, to share their stories, sanctify their body temples, offer worship and gratitude to Mother Earth for all that is given, pray for the well being for their family, friends and all beings.
In this circle we get to know the meaning of Devi. We invoke Devi as Durga, Laksmi and Sarasvati asking to bless us with the strength and courage to find our voices and shine, the abundance of inner and outer wealth and self knowledge that removes the darkness of ignorance that frees our hearts from suffering.
The circle includes a story sharing ceremony, a puja with offerings, mantras and devotional singing as well as the teachings of Vedanta.
All are welcomed and feel inspired to dress beautifully as a sacred offering towards yourself, bring flowers and bring sweets and other delicious items to offer for the puja and to share with your sisters as well as sacred items for the altar. Donations are welcomed.
Know this is a special opportunity where each one of us part takes in a sacred rites of passage that has blessed many women. It can be vulnerable yet there lies the strength and beauty, the power for growth and healing. Every time is magical and seeds are planted for blooming hearts towards a happy and fulfilled life.
With love Sharada

See the event here on Devi Circle Dagsas in Mangalam

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