Vision and Intention of Devi Circles



Om dear Devis

Vision and intention of Devi Circles

My intention is to share these jewels of the sacred feminine and the teachings of Advaita Vedanta that have made my heart heal, grow stronger yet also softer and deeper so that you feel supported and strong enough to hold your own circles one day.
And that day does not have to be far away. 🙂

In the long run I want to create a program that spreads over a period of time and we consistently have the opportunity to come together, share and learn so we feel supported in this growing maturing process.

Program and content
Devi circle that includes sharing circle, (know how)
Prayers and specific mantras
Getting to know the meaning of Devi and introduction of other Devis. Understanding their meaning, purpose and how to invoke
Puja and Meditation
Vedanta and Sanskrit language
Sacred devotional dancing and yoga
Nourishment and nature walks talks
Care and support

Upcoming circles and programs where you can join

Norway, August 15th to 21st
Contact Marina Manuela De Paoli

Ibiza, August 22nd to September 1st
Contact Becca Burns

Sweden, September (to be confirmed)
Contact Åsa Lindblom Mullaert

India, October
Contact Sharada

Bali, November, December, January, February
Contact Sharada and Ingela Pinglan

If you are also interested and like to help and support in the organization or have a circle at your place
please contact us, we are here for each other.

I’m happy to share
donation based, exchange, or also one can give later once you have been able to share with others and it has blessed you.

Om gam ganapataye namaha
Om hreem shreem paramalaksmyai namaha
Aim hreem Om sarasvatyai namaha

With love Sharada and Devis

2 thoughts on “Vision and Intention of Devi Circles

  1. Hi Atman namaste. I am Reena Bangera and very keen to become a part of devi circle. Coz of my love for shlokas chanting and sanskrit n other holistic way of life. Please let me know how can I join.

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