Devi Circle and Satsang Stockholm 22 june


Be Woman Project

Where: Stockholm

Date: Wednesday 22 of June, from 1 pm to 9 pm

Om dear devis and devas we are planning a Devi Circle (women only) and Satsang (mixed 🙂 in Stockholm area at Tove Devis place in Söder, central Stockholm. Directions to be given.

The intention is to come together share, offer, prayer, sing and chant, nourish, heal and support. Finding our voice to shine and bloom. The readiness to embark the profound discovery of Love.
Honoring Devi, in the form of Durga, Laksmi and Sarasvati. We will inquire into the meaning of this sacred sanskrit word, learn how to invoke and praise her so that she can bless us with the knowledge that i am non separate from her.

There will be a sharing circle, a traditional Vedic Puja with Mantras and Vedantic teachings. The knowledge of the Self as one non dual being that is free from all limitations.

Bring flowers, food and sweets so we can share together and offer for the puja. You can also bring items that you wish to put on the co created altar. And If you like adorn your sacred body temple 🙂 Also bring some clothe so we can offer some sacred temple dance and yoga.
The schedule for now
1 pm arrival some tea and snack
1.30 pm introduction
2.00 pm yoga
3.00 pm Devi circle (women only)
6.00 pm finish
optional 7.00 dinner
8.00 pm Vedanta & Satsang
9.00 pm ending

Suggested donation 250 to 350 SEK

Lots of love

A little bit about me
I have been dedicated to a life of yoga for the past decade. Odissi Dance was a very important part of my life at some stage, and it blessed me profoundly.
7 years ago I met my revered teacher, Swami Vagishananda with whom i studied Vedanta, Vedic Chanting and Sanskrit Language. He introduced me to Shree Radhaji, who today is also my teacher and has shared all the jewels of Vedanta, Psychology, Inner Child Work and Meditation.
With the blessing of my teachers i came to Shree Pujya Swami Dayanandas feet with whom im studied at the 3 and a half years course of Vedanta, Sanskrit and Vedic Tradition in India.

Today i share and teach this profound sacred knowledge and practices with all my heart for which i am ever grateful.

For more information feel free to contact me.

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