Devi Circle in Varberg 12th June


Om dear Devis,
so looking forward to be with and share with you.
Every time is a surprise and also a present, we never know what and how she unfolds, yet one thing I know, when she is welcomed lovingly with praise, admiration, love and care , she always blooms.

And that’s what we invoke, blooming hearts.

Just come as you are and if your heart feels like, bring some nice clothe for the Devi circle to dress and honor the body temple, as well as jewelry and sacred items that you like to put at the altar and bless.
Together we create the space, a sacred space with an altar, a place to invoke the immanent and transcendent aspect of this universe, a source of all power and knowledge.
An infallible trustworthy absolute non judgmental heart to offer back what we are ready to let go, to give thanks for the infinite given grace and abundance in our lives as well as a sacred invocation for support and clarity towards absolute happiness as non other than yourself.

Women have come together for ages to honor Mother Earth in all her forms, offering and worshipping with flowers, food, words, mantras, dances and songs to express their love and devotion. Come to find your voice and shine.

With love and prayers


Hej vackra!
Vi hälsar dig varmt välkommen till Devi Circle nu på söndag.
Våra hjärtan gläds över att du valt att komma. ❤

Vi är i Montessoriskolans lokaler på Breared, Sandstensbacken 30.
Hör av dig om du behöver vägbeskrivning.
Vi börjar kl 9.00 och avslutar ca 16.00.

Betalning kontant på plats 350 kr (ta gärna med jämna pengar)
Alla pengar doneras direkt till Sharada.
Lunch, te och frukt ingår i priset.

Dagen kommer att se ut ungefär så här:

Intro och presentation (Sharada)
Devi Circle

Vi tar paus för te och frukt, samt lunch när det passar.
Yogamattor, filtar och sittkuddar finns på plats.

Hör gärna av dig om du har frågor.
Nedan finner du några ord inför dagen, direkt från Sharada. ❤

Ser fram emot att mötas
Om Shanti ❤

Med kärlek
Lotta och Sharada


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