India Yatra – Arsha Vidya Gurukulam – Swami Dayananda Ashram



This is a special invitation to go on a sacred journey to
South India, visiting Arsha Vidya Gurukulam,
the Ashram of Shree Pujya Swami Dayananda,
the Daksinamurti Temple, the Ayurvedic Clinique,
Kerala Beaches among other optional visits to
ancient temples and places.

Update July 12, 2016

Namaste dear ones,

i pray this message finds you well.
You have expressed your interest to join the pilgrimage to India.

The plan is to visit the Ashram Arsha Vidya Gurukulam to partake in the on going 3 years course of Vedanta, Sanskrit and Vedic Tradition.
We are welcome to join the classes. We will also have our own classes, satsang and meditations as well as yoga.
We will visit the temple, go for nature walks and also spend lots of time with ourselves and the intimate group that we will be. It is a way to be with what is, heal, grow and learn.

We are also invited to visit Purna Vidya Foundation, that is a wonderful new ashram of Swamini Pramananda who is welcoming us for Satsang.

After that we have a few days at the beautiful beach of Varkala, staying in an eco friendly cottage, right next to the ocean with delicious home cooking vegetarian food.

There we will have the chance to integrate what we have learned and also continue with classes, meditation, yoga, sharing circles, walks and alone time.

I wanted to include also the possibility to visit an Ayurveda Center.
As this makes the cost much higher i put it optional at the beginning of the journey. So one can arrive 5 days earlier to go through a traditional Ayurveda Treatment before going to the Ashram.

At the moment this is the schedule with provisional dates:
3 weeks from October 1st to October 21st 2016

Airport Arrival to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Taxi Transfer
1 to 5 October Ayurveda
5 to 12 October Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Anaikatti
12 to 17 October Purna Vidya Foundation
17 to 21 October Kerala, Varkala Beach Mektoub, beautiful peaceful serene nature eco village

At the moment the estimate cost for this trip without flight is around (subject to change depending on single or shared room, this is on the basis of shared room)
47000 INR

6000 SEK

700 USD

this price is excluding the Ayurveda 5 days stay. This price includes, Ashram stay, vegetarian food, transfer, Varkala beach stay, all classes and daksina.

For the 5 days Ayurveda Package it will be an extra of

30000 INR

3822 SEK

446 USD

that includes the stay in the Ayurveda clinique with meal and all the treatments.

If you are considering to join, please let me know so we can go ahead with bookings.

For more details and information, feel free to write to me.

With love


Post from June 2016


Together we will go on a pilgrimage, visiting and offer prayers at sacred places where people from around the world have come to offer worship.

We will stay a few days in the ashram where a
3 years course in Vedanta, Vedic Tradition and Sanskrit is taking place, getting a direct initiation of a Vaidika Way of living.

A few nights we will spend at an Ayurvedic center and some time at the white sand beaches of Kerala.

We will immerse ourselves into the Vedic Culture & Tradition, dedicate time to Vedanta, Yoga & Meditation, sacred sharing circles, lots of chanting, rituals & pujas,
time to be alone and integrate all that is absorbed during the journey.

Our intention is to go to the source of the Yoga Tradition, gaining insights, a clearer understanding of a beautiful ancient spiritual way of live. Participating in the mystery of life of
simplicity and depths.

I pray for a prayerful deeply healing enriching inspiring magical journey. I have been in India many times, studying the ancient art of Temple Dance as well as i attended the 3 Years Course in Vedanta, Vedic Tradition and Sanskrit with my revered teacher Shree Swami Dayanada Sarasvati.
We will visit the ashram and go to the Daksinamurti Temple and with Ishvaras grace also have Satsang with one of his Senior Disciples.

Everybody is welcome to join us, we go as a sacred spiritual family on a sacred prayerful journey supporting one another while learning from the depth and inexhaustible ocean of knowledge of the Vedic Spiritual Heritage.

Dates are yet to be confirmed in the Month of October or November
Place, South India, Tamil Nadu and Kerala
One can also come for part of the journey and join or leave anytime.
The offering & daksina towards this event & journey is yet to be given.
\ Please note that there is an etiquette of behaviour and the honoring of dharma of time, place situation that includes clothing and other details that will be shared and very important to be honored.

If your heart is calling, feel free to write to me for more informaiton and together we invoke the blessings for an auspicious mutual honoring meeting where hearts melt, grow and transform iinto beautiful blooming lotuses.

With love and prayers

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