Devi Circles in Sweden

Devi Circles in Sweden May 29th, June 5th, 12th, 14th. All are welcome. Come and join us.
In Devi Circles women from different backgrounds and ages come together, yet we all share so much more in common than what we usually are aware of.

We create a sacred absolute non-judgmental trustworthy space, offering unconditional acceptance and validation for each and every story. The circle offers support to heal wounds, finding the courage to speak up and give expression and voice to ones deepest heart intent and purpose. It is a reminder to nourish and sanctify the sacred body temple and it serves as an inspiration to discover the meaning love through understanding and clarity of knowledge as non other than oneself that includes the whole universe.

We will be encouraged and supported to share from our hearts, participating in a traditional Puja, a beautiful rich Ceremony. Guided Meditation, Prayers and Mantra Chanting and a sacred inquiry from the Vedic Teachings are important components of our Devi Circles.

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