Upcoming Gatherings and Classes Summer 2016

Puja with Sharada

A few places where we can meet and dive into the profound Wisdom of the Vedas

With love


May/June/July/August/September 2016 –  Sweden/Switzerland/Greece

(more to come)

3rd to 5th of June – Juholm at Annika’s place – Sacred intimate gatherings

12th of June – Varberg at Lotta’s place – Devi Circles

13th to 15th of June – Galerie Holm at Gråbrödersgatan 5 in Malmö – Mantra, Puja, Vedanta and Devi Circles

9th of July – Yoga Kendra – Sama Yoga Sadhana & Satsang

July/August 2016 – Chanting Classes at Mangalam Vedanta Retreat

September 2016 – Guest Teacher at Yin Fascial Yoga TTC with Beta Lisboa (to be confirmed)

October back to Bali

Upcoming Retreats

Sacred journey to the inner and outer temple, Dec 2016 and Devi Sadhana Retreat, Feb 2017

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