Sharada Devi is a wonderful teacher. She presents the vision of Vedanta clearly and joyfully. You are whole, complete, limitless… over and over. What is there really to worry about? Lucky for us we can now enjoy her presence via internet and take classes with her a few times a week. From the comfort of your home, you can meet and connect with the teachings of Vedanta and study text, be guided through a meditation, partake in a traditional Puja, as well as question & answer sessions.nTo encounter the teachings of Vedanta and to find a worthy teacher is an incredible blessing. Sharada Devi teaches from the heart with absolute reverence and humility. She embodies love and compassion, and a deep respect for the student.

Shmuel & Kasza Malmö, Sweden

Shmuel & Kasza from Malmo, Sweden

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have studied with Sharada devi for more than 3 years now, being lovingly guided and supported in Vedanta classes, learning different beautiful pujas and sacred Vedic mantras. I’ve also been learning Sanskrit with her for the past couple of years which seemed so impossible before, but with Sharada’s guidance and help, I’m now able to understand more than I ever thought possible! I’m constantly in wonder at her love, patience and knowledge. I always feel so welcome to join Sharada’s classes, to ask questions, to laugh, to cry – no judgement, no agenda to be any different, and feeling totally accepted just as I am. Her devi circles have been transformational for me. I feel each time I get a little more courage to open my heart and share. I sink more into my devi heart in a relaxed way, listening to guided meditations, honouring each other and seeing ourselves as sacred mirrors. I wish this experience for all women – it’s so important for our growth, comfort and and well being. I hope I have enough grace to be with Sharada for many more years to come.”

Morag Malika Riddet, Yoga Teacher and Doula

Malika Devi, Yoga Teacher and Doula